The Wish 107.5 App Review

If you’re looking for an app that caters to music, real talents dishing out their vocal powers just like how it’s done back in the day, look no further. The Wish107.5 app is the evolution on how we see what a radio station is back in the day, especially in the modern era in 2018. This is my review of the Wish 107.5 App and the WishCard.


Okay, before anything else I honestly got confused with the “107.5” number. If you’re a 90’s kid, you would know that this radio station used to be associated with a rock/heavy metal all day everyday music station. Surprisingly that all changed with Wish.

I was very skeptical of the concept of this app simply because radio stations still exist, which kind of made this app a little bit irrelevant to me. However, being the techie person that I am, I would constantly switch from one smartphone to the other and we all know that not all smartphones come with an FM Radio app.

Although the WishApp isn’t exactly a dedicated radio app that you can switch to different stations, you do get to stream performances that you won’t exactly see anywhere else, think of it as an exclusive show right at your fingertips.


Art in Island – 9GHXD9F

Most recently, I was invited to join this gathering that was held in “Art in Island” and I, along with a few other famous and amazing bloggers got to meet the mastermind behind the WishApp, and It was such an amazing experience, to be honest. We had a quick Q&A, some food was served and of course, we got to have a tour of the place. I’m sure you’ve seen images of the artworks found here, but should you want to see them first hand, simply click this link.


Now, let’s talk about the WishApp as this is the real star of the show, shall we? So I’ve been using this app for a good 2-3 weeks now and just like any other music and video streaming app, it does deliver it’s intended purpose. What I find interesting is that there’s a dedicated section which gives you the brands that it’s partnered with and has its own newsfeed which I think is a really good touch.

What really captured my attention is the fact that the app came with a dedicated “Blogger and Vlogger” section which basically showcases these influencers and content creators with their work, think of it as a portable hyperlink which allows you to stay connected with them 24/7.

Here’s a quick demo using the WishApp:

So if you’re on the lookout for a new music and video streaming app, or you’d simply want to check on what’s new with our local artists that are making waves recently, simply download the Wish app by clicking on the following links below depending on your platform:

Android: Link
iOS: Link

And if you’re like to know more about Wish 107.5, the WishApp or the WishCard, you may simply click this link to reach their website or simply follow them through social media.



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