Top 5 Reasons to get the ZenFone Max Pro M1

Sometime in April when ASUS released one of the most sought out Zenfones in 2018, the Max pro M1 has paved the way for a ton of possibilities that literally changed the perception of what a gaming phone is. If you think about it, how can a device be considered a “gaming phone” if the battery can’t even last the long hours of gaming on the go? In this article, I’m gonna be talking about the top 5 things that I like about the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1.


Build Quality

The ASUS ZenFone Max Pro m1 is by no means a looker, it’s more of a minimalist which screams durability over design. It feels great in the hands and feels like it can handle a beating. Compared to other smartphones that garner the glass on metal design, the Max Pro is more of a tank giving you the impression that this can really run the test of time.



The Max Pro M1 comes with a 5,000 mAh battery which is big. Based on my testing it can really go the distance giving me at least 3-5 hours of non-stop gaming and can still go even further leaving a little bit more juice for pretty much everything else from browsing to streaming and anything else in between.

Stock Android

Most budget centered smartphones I’ve seen in the market today are using “Android Go”, although this is supposed to be stock Android, it’s more like a toned down version of what stock Android should be. The ZenFone Max Pro comes with stock Android where it basically gets rid of all the mumbo-jumbo aesthetics and focuses on efficiency and raw power giving you the barebones feeling of using Android without any skins on top.

Screen Size

The Screen size of the Max pro comes with a 6″ display, giving you all the room you need in a pleasurable experience be it browsing, streaming or gaming. The bezels on the top and bottom aren’t exactly that thick to use up much space leaving more room for you to see your content, oh and if you’re one of those “notch-haters”, that doesn’t exist here.

Audio Output

Usually, if a smartphone falls under the 8,000 – 12,000 price category, chances are certain features would get cut off, and most often than not, the speakers are the ones that take the hit, next to the camera. For the Max Pro, however, although it only comes with single downward firing speaker, the Max pro’s audio output is quite loud and rich. I’m able to music stream without the need of earphones as the sound quality of that single driver speakers are that great.

Overall, for a smartphone priced in a range of 8,000 – 12,000 pesos, this is a major win on so many levels.
For a consumer, it normally takes 5 factors as a deciding point, and if all 5 factors are leaning towards your interests, chances are you’d end up getting the device. For the Max pro, you get a decent screen size, a massive battery, an awesome build, great audio output and is running stock Android, that pretty much hits all the sweet spots for any Android enthusiast and can strongly give you the edge.
Should you consider making the ASUS Zenfone Max pro M1 your next daily driver for the upcoming years, or perhaps a gift for a loved one, the ZenFone Max Pro 3GB with 32GB w/ 13MP+5MP rear camera is currently priced at  8,995 and the ZenFone Max Pro 4GB/64GB w/ 16MP+5MP rear camera is at 10995.

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