Nokia 1 | An inexpensive introduction to Android

Android smartphones has become a dime-a-dozen. It comes in different forms, sizes including price-tags that fit pretty much every budget for anyone who’s considering of getting one. It all boils down to what you plan on doing with it. Here’s another device from one of the most respected smartphone manufacturers of our time, my review of the Nokia 1.


The Nokia 1 is by far one of the cheapest smartphones in the market to date. It comes in a rather light package but still manages to deliver what is expected from a smartphone.

Let’s first talk about what comes in the box:

1. The device itself
2. Safety manuals & Warranty card
3. Micro-USB cable for data transfer and charging
4. Power adapter
5. Earphones

Not many manufacturers today include all the essentials and it’s quite surprising that some elements are being left out in exchange for some aesthetic an example of which would be a pair of earphones. I’d go for benefit over design any given day.


Just like it’s older brother, the Nokia 2.1, the Nokia 1 comes with a removable back which gives you access to the 2 sim slots and Micro SD card slot. One feature that I’m sure a lot of 90’s kids would surely appreciate is that it comes with a removable battery, which is a rather rare feature in 2018.

The Nokia 1 comes with a 4.5″ LCD display which is pleasant to hold, it gives a rather strange feeling considering that most smartphones that had been released usually comes with a 5.5″ screen or bigger. One thing that I’d like to stress however, despite the small screen, in person the display on the Nokia 1 looks a lot better compared to it’s older brother the Nokia 2.1 which is rather strange considering the price difference.

In terms of it’s design choice, it pretty much shares some similar desgin queus from the Nokia 2.1, both garnering a polycarbonate (plastic) build making it less prone to glass cracking when dropped. Although plastic scratches relatively easily and if plastic is scratched, you’ll defintely gonna feel it run through your fingers.

Under the hood, the Nokia 1 is powered by “Android Go”, which is basically a toned down version of what is usually called “Stock Android”. The overall UI is pretty much stock, this means, there are no bloatware applications, no duplicate applications from OEM’s, just pure Google.

The Nokia 1 is powered by an MTK6737M (MediaTek processor) paired with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Personally, if you’re considering of getting a smartphone just for the heck of you having a means to communicate, browse your social media newsfeeds, watch videos while on the commute, this configuration can do just that.

Heavy tasks, and you might start noticing some hiccups here and there, but again, you’re looking at a sub 5,000 peso smartphone.

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Despite the low price tag and specifications, the overall experience of using the device is not that bad, due to the Android Go interface. Transitioning from the app drawer to the settings to the message still feels smooth which is great for a smartphone in this price-point. I’ve used other cheap phones and it’s nowhere near this, honestly speaking.


The Nokia 1 is by far no power-user smartphone. I would probably recommend this to those who just wants a dependable smartphone that can get the job done as a daily driver. This can also be a good entry-point for kids, especially if you want to keep tabs on your kids who’s playing around or mainly giving them a means to communicate with friends and family.

I’d strongly recommend to get a Micro SD card though, with the low internal storage, this can get full quite easily and having the extra storage is always a good idea to house your content on the fly.


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