Review Policy

The Technoscribbler and any associate writers of the Technoscribbler brand are dedicated to bringing content based on their own personal reviews and feedback on any product. We are open to suggestions and requests but this will still be for consideration depending on certain conditions. We would also like to note that, although most of the products that we review are own by us, we are also open to accepting devices, software, and accessories for review.

For us to fully understand and give quality reviews, we will require at least 30 days of using the said unit, accessory or product. Exceptions are always subject to internal arrangements with potential tech partners and/or their respective PR Teams. The Technoscribbler brand does not and will never sell reviews for profit or personal gain. We do not publish articles for brands nor do we work for anyone under the table. Our main objective is work with brands and helps them make their stories heard but our thoughts are our own and will always be true to the general consumer where our hearts are.

Should you wish to partner-up or collaborate, feel free to reach us at