The term “Technoscribbler” comes from the words “Technology” and “Scribble”. It’s basically meshed together simply to describe who we are in this day and age. Most of the time we are so hooked on technology, that although most of us claim we aren’t “techies”, we are actually a lot more of it than we know.

Most of the time while we go on our daily lives, we are constantly spending our days online, browsing different platforms for social media, interacting with friends and families. With the constant intake of all this, it can get confusing. Hence the “Technoscribbler” brand is formed.

Our objective is to give you our own personal take on what makes each and every one of us a “Technoscribbler”, and no this is not just about technology, we intend to cover as far as what we can reach, no specifics, no limitations just pure scribbling (or typing on a computer) with the use of technology.