Xperia XZ in 2018, is it still worth it?

Xperia XZ is Sony’s flagship for 2016, the successor to the Xperia X line. The majority of the reviews for the Xperia X didn’t exactly live up to the hype of its predecessor due to the missing features that a Sony smartphone was known for. Sony’s answer to all this was the Xperia XZ, and with its decent internals worthy to be called a flagship, is it still worth buying in 2018? Do read on to know more if this beast is still worth the second look. This is my full review of the Xperia XZ in 2018.

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Xperia Play, a possible revival?

So I’ve been thinking lately about what are the possibilities of things to happen in the near future, specifically for Sony. There had been rumors that 2017 would be the last year for Sony, some say they plan to go the LG route wherein they would just focus on a select number of units in a year. However, based on last reports, Sony did say they don’t have any plans of limiting their smartphone division and is, in fact, getting a lot stronger. Why is this important? It’s pretty simple actually, back in 2011-2012, Sony unveiledĀ a contender to the Android market which made a lot of sense and would’ve actually made a huge impact to the game, the Xperia Play.

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