Xiaomi Mi A1, Android One budget smartphone

Android one… not that familiar? This is a Google initiative that dates back a couple of years ago. The objective was to bring out the best with what Google has to offer without having to break the banks. The target markets were those places that most devices are expensive, 3rd world if you will.

If you’ve lived in parts of Asia, chances are you’re one of those who’s been exposed to different budget-oriented smartphones that are powered by Android. One of the most known manufactures, if not best is Xiaomi. Xiaomi for the past few years now had been making waves in the smartphone industry, making quality products without costing as much as most flagships are being sold. The company caters to all three sectors be entry level, mid and flagship grade. This Gives consumers a wide variety to choose from, just like what Samsung or Sony does.

The device that we will be reviewing for today is somewhat special. As soon as you click the link below, you’re gonna see why this matters, and how can this benefit your lifestyle in today’s modern day and age.

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Huawei Nova 2i, is it still worth it in 2018?

Huawei unveiled a new smartphone that is right on the budget but with great value for the general consumer. The Huawei Nova 2i has focused on the more camera-centric type of individual, whose greatest value is the memories that he or she encounters with friends, family and loved ones. Here’s my personal review of the Huawei Nova 2i.

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